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Bob’s Well Bread was started by an executive-turned-baker who was looking for some balance in his life, and found a passion and a new calling that was both delightful and unexpected.  “When you make something naturally, and with your hands, there’s a magic to it.  If you’re eating a loaf of bread, or drinking a bottle of wine, and you know that someone has made it by hand, there’s just this personal connection.  It may not change the way it tastes, but it changes your experience, and that’s what everyone wants—-the experience”.  

Using natural fermentation for yeast, and allowing the dough to rise slowly, Bob’s Well Bread Bakery makes artisan breads by hand, in small batches, in a custom-built, stone-deck oven.  At Bob’s Well Bread,  we use only the finest ingredients, sourced locally and seasonally, in all of our products.  True artisan bread is made from the simplest of ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast.  But, with this natural fermentation process, these most basic of ingredients become something that is fundamentally beyond their basic origins.

We pride ourselves on baking old world style artisan breads that you’ll find have a depth of flavor and a richness of color, with a creamy & chewy interior crumb and a satisfyingly crisp dark crust. We hope you enjoy Bob’s Well Bread.

 Jeffrey Bloom Photography

 Jeffrey Bloom Photography

Courtesy of Bennett Williams

Set your calendar...Bob's Well Bread Bakery is coming on August 1st

Construction is complete.  Inspections have been passed.  We are getting ready to open!

Bob's Well Bread is looking to have a soft opening on August 1st. Our offerings at opening will include an assortment of artisan breads, including: Artisan Country Levain, Olive Bread, Multi-Grain, Ciabatta Baguettes, Croissants, Rye, Focaccia, Bagels....and more.

Dining in, we will be serving our breads with house-made butter, an assortment of seasonal jams, and nut spreads, all sourced from local farmers and purveyors.  We'll be adding in breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack items over the coming weeks, but as bread is at the heart and soul of what we are about, we are just excited to bring our local community an exceptional and consistent variety of baked goods.  

Look for freshly roasted coffee from Stumptown Roasters and espresso drinks on our custom machine by Salvatore.  

It's been a long road to get here, but the journey has been worth every moment of it.  We are proud of what we've done here at 550 Bell Street by our talented and skilled designers, architects and all of our amazing construction team and sub-contractors.   We are thrilled to join all of our neighboring shops, restaurants, tasting rooms, hotels, antique shops and more.  Los Alamos has a bakery again, and the bakery team and staff at Bob's Well Bread couldn't be more excited about being part of this artisan community.  

Our hours will be:

Thursday through Monday, from 7am-6pm

We can be reached at 805-344-3000 or

Come see us on August 1, 2014!