Santa Barbara Independent:Breaking Down S.B.'s Bread Revolution

Flour. Water. Salt.
Since Neolithic times, no three ingredients have changed the landscape of culture more. Baking bread was integral to the rise of civilized states, enabling humans to leave nomadic lifestyles for socialized, agricultural societies. Then, with the Industrial Revolution, came industrial bread making, utilizing inferior grains, commercial yeast, and chemical additives to create quick bread — that soft, gooey bread we all loved as kids. But now, a new batch of bakers is calling us back to the yeasty, fermented world of artisan bread. (As Julia Child said, “How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?”)

And the craft has taken off in S.B. Here’s your guide to our new, local bread makers, all doing it the old-fashioned way. Read More...

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