Bob Oswaks

Bob’s Well Bread was started by an executive-turned-baker who was looking for some balance in his life, and found a passion and a new calling that was both delightful and unexpected.  “When you make something naturally, and with your hands, there’s a magic to it.  If you’re eating a loaf of our bread, or drinking a bottle of our local wine, and you know that someone put in the time to make it by hand, there is just this personal connection.  It may not change the way it tastes, but it changes your experience,  and that is what everyone wants—the experience.”  

Bob and Jane Oswaks designed Bob’s Well Bread out of an old 1920’s gas station in historic Los Alamos, opening their doors on August 1, 2014.  They pride themselves on the finest ingredients, sourced locally and seasonally, in all of their products, including Jane’s house made jams, marmalades, marshmallows and gluten-free specialties.  

Using natural fermentation for yeast and allowing the dough to rise slowly, Bob’s Well Bread makes artisan breads by hand in small batches, in a custom built stone deck oven.  
True artisan bread is made from the simplest of ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast.  But, with this natural fermentation process, these most basic of ingredients become something that is fundamentally beyond their basic origins.

Eric Henning 
Head Baker,

Having worked in, and managed,  artisan bakeries,  restaurants and high-volume commercial bakeries for over 12 years, Eric Henning brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role of Head Baker to Bob’s Well Bread.  
Eric found a trade, and career, that he could be passionate about and find great reward in, early in his career.  “I realized early  on, how powerful an experience can be when you share honestly something made with passion, with another person. Ours is an industry where we are fortunate to be intimately and immediately connected with our product, and with our guests experiences.  We are able to transform basic ingredients into something wholesome and nourishing.  I love exposing people to how divine bread can be.  Bread can be a squishy, sliced loaf of grocery store bread, loaded with preservatives, or it can be a wonderful crusty baguette, hot from the oven and slathered with fresh butter—a meal in itself.