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Start the Morning Right with This Hand-Held Turkey-Sausage Delight

Start the Morning Right with This Hand-Held Turkey-Sausage Delight

Bob’s Well Bread Bakery is one of the linchpins for the steady rise of Los Alamos as a culinary destination, so much so that the line often extends dauntingly out of the door on weekend mornings. But if you’re there on a weekday, you may find yourself at the front of the line immediately and scrambling to select which delicious brunch item to start your day with.

Take my lead by ordering the Breakfast Sandwich ($6.75), a perfect combination of protein, greens, and, of course, house-made starch in the form of Bob’s fluffy yet firm English muffin. The scrambled egg is paired with a well-spiced though not spicy turkey sausage that’s also made by the Bob’s team, and arugula and provolone cheese round out the experience. It’s big enough to fill your stomach but not overwhelm you with too much heft or, as in the case of many breakfast sandos, too much grease. A cup of black coffee gives the jolt you need to get your Monday started correctly, and you’re bound to see a friendly winemaker face at some point as well.

If you’d prefer not to have the meat, the Avocado Toast Tartine ($8.50) is a strong choice as well. Bob’s pain au levain is coated with avo, toasted pumpkin seeds, sea salt, and Aleppo chili and comes with a side salad. It’s enough for breakfast and lunch.

550 Bell St., Los Alamos; (805) 344-3000;