Delicious Bread delivered to your door from Bob's Well Bread.


All orders require 48-hour pre-order.   We ship out orders on Monday's and Thursday's only.    In order to ship your order on Monday it must be received by Saturday at noon.  In order to ship your order on Thursday, it must be received by Tuesday at noon.  No exceptions.  Please phone 805-344-3000 if you have questions or other requirements.  


Please note that our breads and pastries are perishable, and may not arrive at their peak of freshness.  Please consider this when ordering.  


We will not ship on holidays (as there is no USPS).   Delicious fresh bread and pastries are our #1 priority.  We may contact you if we are concerned about your shipment taking longer to arrive than we are comfortable with. 

Bob's Well Bread Shipping Map